Thursday, April 26, 2018

CIRCUS 1903 | 18 - 29 Apr 2018

The producers of the world's biggest magic show, The Illusionists have teamed up with the award winning puppeteers from War Horse to present a thrilling turn of the century circus spectacular. 
Sensational puppetry puts Elephants back in the ring as never seen before along with a huge cast of the most unique, amazing and dangerous circus acts from all four corners of the world, from strong men to contortionists, acrobats to musicians, high wire and much more! 
Discover the golden age of circus this summer as CIRCUS 1903 sets to captivate audiences of all ages.

With my friend Joey at the Media Night!

The show was really amazing.. with many stunts that impressed us. It kept the entire atmosphere throughout the show thrilling and exciting! There are also comedy parts to the show whereby there's a comedian who has great sense of humour which made the audience laughed out loud. The CIRCUS 1903 was indeed set to captivate audiences of all ages. Get your tickets today! :)

The CIRCUS 1903 ends on 29th April 2018!


Tue-Fri: 7.30pm

Sat: 11am, 3pm & 7pm

Sun: 11am & 3pm

Approximately 120 minutes (including 20 mins interval)

Get your tickets at the link below!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Sudio TRE earpiece really suits me well.. it has the wing tips to secure the earpiece to my earlobes.. so that it doesn't fall off while I'm doing my running. The short cable makes the earpiece convenient to bring around, rather than those long ones which can create quite a mess sometimes. The design is cool and sound quality was great!
Wireless in-ear model with wing-tip for a secure fit - inspired by an active lifestyle
These will be in the package!
A nice pouch with extra different sizes of the wing-tips which you can choose the best that suits you! :)
The 3 different-sized wing tips ensures a perfect fit during sports, it's sweat and water resistant with a matte finishing, has an improved 9 hours battery life and Bluetooth aptX for better sound quality. It also works with all iPhones and Android devices, and is also SIRI compatible.
Other colours of the Sudio TRE would be Classic Blue, Pink & white.
Classic Blue
  • Housing: Composite, Aluminum
  • Finish: High polished metal parts
  • Model: Earbud, Bluetooth 4.1
  • Weight: 35 g
  • Range: 15 meters
  • Battery time: 9 hours (active), 10 days (standby)
  • Charging time: 10 minutes (quick), 120 minutes (full)
  • Microphone: Built-in mic
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That's not all yet!
For the month of April & May, there is a Pre-Summer Campaign!
With every purchase made on their website you will receive a complimentary Special Edition Summer Tote Bag from Sudio!
This campaign ends 31st May 2018.
So.. just get your Sudio TRE at now!
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Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Secret 《不能说的秘密》 Musical | 6th - 15th Apr 2018


THE SECRET is an adaptation of Chinese pop star Jay Chou's multi award-winning directorial debut, Secret. THE SECRET's storyline is a travel through time with a student and piano major, Xianglun, and the beautiful and mysterious Xiaoyu, his fellow student. A beautiful romantic love story unfolds as the secret that connects them is revealed. 
Created by award-winning Broadway team, the musical features Jay Chou's 25 most famous songs - Clear Stars 《星晴》, Listen to Mother's Words 《听妈妈的话》, Simple Love 《简单爱》, The Tea Grandpa Makes 《爷爷泡的茶》, Rooftop 《屋顶》, The Fragrance of Rice 《稻香》, Nocturnes 《夜曲》, and Fine Day 《晴天》, Dandelion's Promise 《蒲公英的约定》 in addition to hilarious large scale production numbers of Sailors Afraid of Water 《水手怕水》 and Cowboy is Very Busy 《牛仔很忙》. This is a passion, friendship, love, family and youth filled musical not to be missed!


* * *

My partner and I at the Media Night of The Secret 《不能说的秘密》 Musical!

We were so excited for the show.. able to listen to Jay Chou's most popular songs during the musical.
The show was entertaining, touching and probably brought tears to some audiences. Upon listening to some of the piano pieces.. it really made me feel like playing on the piano again. But well, I'm not that good la.. haha.. :P

This pic.. taken during the 15-20 mins intermission.
Its really a nice musical that should not be missed!
Get your tickets soon before it ends on 15th Apr 2018!

Click Here for more information!


 Catch it before it ends on 15th Apr 2018!

Get your tickets Here!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

THE SECRET 不能说的秘密: What you may not know about the cast...

Click to enlarge!
THE SECRET 《不能说的秘密》is an adaptation of Chinese pop star Jay Chou's multi award-winning directorial debut, Secret. THE SECRET's storyline is a travel through time with a student and piano major, Xianglun, and the beautiful and mysterious Xiaoyu, his fellow student. A beautiful romantic love story unfolds as the secret that connects them is revealed.

Created by award-winning Broadway team, the musical features Jay Chou's 25 most famous songs - Clear Stars <<星晴>>, Listen to Mother's Words <<听妈妈的话>>, Simple Love <<简单爱>>, The Tea Grandpa Makes <<爷爷泡的茶>>, Rooftop <<屋顶>>, The Fragrance of Rice <<稻香>>, Nocturnes <<夜曲>>, and Fine Day <<晴天>>, Dandelion's Promise <<蒲公英的约定>> in addition to hilarious large scale production numbers of Sailors Afraid of Water <<水手怕>> and Cowboy is Very Busy <<牛仔很忙>>. This is a passion, friendship, love, family and youth filled musical not to be missed!


Click here to find out more about the show!


Thursday, March 1, 2018

EVITA @ MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands | 23 Feb - 18 Mar 2018


With more than 20 major awards to its credit, the original Broadway and West End production of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's iconic musical EVITA comes to Singapore in February 2018, directed by legendary Broadway director Harold Prince.
EVITA charts the story of Eva Peron, wife of former Argentine dictator Juan Peron, from her humble beginnings through to the extraordinary wealth, power and status which ultimately led her to be heralded as the 'spiritual leader of the nation' by the Argentine people.
Featuring some of the best loved songs in musical theatre, including Don't Cry For Me ArgentinaOn This Night of a Thousand Stars, Oh What A Circus, You Must Love Me, and Another Suitcase in Another Hall, this smash hit show truly promises to be THE THEATRICAL EVENT OF THE YEAR!


A video to relate the story of EVITA!

The iconic pose of Eva Peron!
If you would like to know more about.. feel free to also visit the link below:

Its indeed a great musical to relate her story..


With my beautiful partner, Huiling here..
I would suggest you to find out more about Eva Peron or Evita.. before watching the show.
Perhaps you can click here to read up abit.. you will then appreciate and enjoy the musical more!

* * *

More information about the EVITA Musical and to get your tickets...
Click on the link Here!


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

DUSK Restaurant & Bar @ Mount Faber!

(Re)Discover an All-Time High Hilltop Dining Experience at Faber Peak Singapore, 100-Metres above Sea Level

Singapore, 8 December 2017 – For the best sunset on a hilltop, European tapas and specially curated wines and cocktails, visit Dusk Restaurant & Bar, the latest dining concept by One Faber Group, when it opens for business from 7 December.

Located 100-metres above sea level at Faber Peak Singapore and surrounded by lush rainforest, guests can experience splendid sunsets at the hilltop restaurant, while savouring European tapas created by Executive Chef Kenny Yeo, who possesses over 30 years of French culinary skills.

Guests get to chill at a place like no other in Dusk Restaurant & Bar, where its alfresco setting provides an atmosphere perfect for conviviality. This quality is enhanced through various touch points in the restaurant, from the tastefully appointed interior to the tantalising menu and wine list, all tailored for communal dining.

“Dusk Restaurant and Bar caters to the PMEB (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Businessmen) segment who seeks new experiences that can be shared with friends and loved ones. We are confident that our unique location, coupled with a menu and wine list, will put Faber Peak on the map as a one-of-its-kind, must-visit dining destination in Singapore,” said Jessie Tan, Director, Business Operations, One Faber Group.

“One Faber Group’s brand tagline ‘One Escapade, Countless Experiences’ is further reinforced with Dusk joining our suite of offerings. It brings a new option for the local community to reconnect with Mount Faber, a familiar place where they can (re)create new memories and experiences.”

Perched on top of Faber Peak, Dusk Restaurant & Bar offers patrons a vantage point for panoramic views of Harbourfront and Sentosa Island. As night falls, patrons can look forward to the sunset in its breath-taking hues of vermillion and violet against nature’s lush green rainforest.
The restaurant is divided into an alfresco-dining garden section, which seats 40 persons, while the sheltered section seats 80. A 9.6 metre bar near the entrance overlooks the entire restaurant, where a gallery of custom-made dining tables, plush sofa seats and intimate spaces beckon with the anticipation of cosy comfort.
Design accents include a generous use of wood surfaces that blend the restaurant with its natural environs, while neon art pieces and an embellished floor art punctuate the monochromatic palette to add visual variety and contrast.
Just a 15-minute drive from the city centre, Dusk Restaurant & Bar is a spacious 400 square metre area where urbanites can escape into nature for a wine and dine experience, and end their evening on an all-time high.

The menu has been created entirely by Executive Chef Kenny Yeo, a master chef who is trained in French culinary skills for over 30 years. There are 36 items on the menu which distinguishes itself with European tapas featuring all-time favourites from Spain, Italy, France and Germany. Having honed his skills at Le Centenaire, a Michelin 3-Star Hotel in France, as well as the French kitchen of JQ Concepts Pte Ltd in Taipei, Chef Kenny Yeo gets to wield his culinary repertoire in different forms of European cuisines and serve them all under one roof at Dusk.

Like an artist putting final touches to his work, Chef Kenny has added twists to some of his creations.

“Communal dining is about creating shared experiences and memories through food that people can relate to and enjoy. While most of my dishes are European in origin, I have incorporated Asian ingredients into some of my creations to offer something unexpected, yet familiar, to pique the palate of our local audience,” said Executive Chef Kenny Yeo.

These Asian-inspired dishes include the Tiger Prawn Capellini tossed in lobster infused oil and Japanese seaweed, and Premium Sea Scallops with Ikura.

The menu is designed for sharing, so patrons are encouraged to explore and order a variety of dishes. The menu selection comprises 12 Tapas, 9 entrees, 4 snacks, 3 sharing platters and 3 desserts; there is also a Sunday brunch menu with 3 choices for adults and 2 for children. Prices start at $10 for tapas and $19 for entrées.

Dusk Restaurant & Bar offers a variety of wines selected based on three criteria: exclusivity, quality and affordability. Whether an aficionado or a novice, adventurous wine lovers can look forward to Dusk as a new hangout in Singapore.

Request for the sommelier to recommend suitable wines to pair with your dishes, or pick from the wine list designed to complement the menu; Dusk wants to make wine drinking more accessible by helping patrons navigate a world of wines effortlessly.

Wines by the glass are priced $13 to $18 for red; $13 to $18 for white; and $12 to $22 for sparkling wines. Also available by bottles from $69 for red; $69 for white; and $78 for sparkling wines.

The cocktail menu features the Nitro-frosting technique that is becoming a trend in leading bars in Singapore and around the world. It injects nitrogen into the cocktail through an aerator, and causes the concoction to stay chilled for longer periods of time compared to conventional methods of preparation.

This technique is applied purely for the benefit of the customers, as it ensures that they enjoy the cocktails in the best serving conditions despite the ambient heat.

Dusk Restaurant & Bar offers 12 cocktail concoctions for $15 to $16 each.
The cocktail I had was this DUSK TILL DAWN (S$16++)
Its a signature Dusk cocktail for all occasions.
Gin, Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Blue Caracao, Lemon juice, Peach syrup topped with Cranberry juice
Its like a Welcome Drink for me and my partner and it tasted really Great!
Chef Kenny cooks fresh octopus sous-vide style to 80% done in order to retain its succulence and flavour. Served drizzled with citrus oil with vine baby Pomodoro tomatoes and arugula. The octopuses are sourced from Western Australia’s famous Fremantle markets.
A hallmark of fine French cooking, Sous-vide is a laborious, time-consuming cooking process that produces meats with exceptional flavour.
I really like this dish.. the fresh octopus was cooked to the right level of tenderness, retaining the chewy-ness of the meat. Pairing it with the Pomodoro tomato and arugula vegetables was really a good choice!
Marinated overnight in sweet desert wine, the duck Foie Gras is then flame-seared and served on crunchy baguette slices, topped with truffle balsamic pearls.
This is probably the BEST Foie Gras I ever tried!
It has a nice taste of butter somehow.. and matching it with a toasted baguette slice.. its like so heavenly nice! A must try dish when you are there!

Sautéed to perfection under controlled fire and precise timing, the rich Sherry wine cream sauce leaves a sweet aftertaste that brings a pleasant surprise for a mushroom dish.

This simple yet flavoursome dish is a testament to Chef Kenny’s years of experience and mastery in making basic dishes taste divine.
The taste of this was just right.. its not heavy and I can finish entirely on my own. :P

Chef Kenny tosses the angel hair pasta in aromatic lobster-infused oil and Japanese seaweed to heighten the seafood flavours. Served with juicy giant tiger prawns sautéed Italian-style.

The tiger prawns served were very fresh and the angel hair pasta is something which I find it pretty unique.. as I seldom try it at other restaurants elsewhere.


COTE DE BOEUF (S$98++), serves two
A dedication to the true beef lovers, Chef Kenny uses only the best 700g Prime Rib (bone-in) cooked to perfection using sous-vide method, followed by grilling just before serving to enhance the flavour and presentation. Served with roasted marble potatoes, buttered garden vegetables and red wine sauce.

For a 700g Prime Rib.. you're able to get it at S$98++, its a pretty good price.
This was cooked to Medium Rare and the tenderness of it was perfect!
My partner seldom take a lot of beef, but that day she was able to take more than what she usually does. She commented that the beef was really soft and nice. I personally like the tenderness of it and the pairing of it with the roasted marble potatoes and buttered garden vegetables.

Rich chocolate cake and ice-cream topped with meringue and flambéd for the perfect finish

I like how the way the ice-cream was paired with the chocolate cake. It tasted very well when they were both eaten at the same time, and with the topping of the meringue and flambéd it just make everything so perfect!

Both of us truly enjoyed the dinner with a great scenery and after that we adjourned to take a cable car ride off to HarbourFront Centre and ended our night with bliss.

You can also plan a dinner this way and enjoy a cable car ride after the dinner by purchasing the cable car tickets at the Level 1 Ticketing Counter.


Here are the Opening Hours of the Dusk Restaurant & Bar.
Its opened till as late as 2am on Fri, Sat & Public Holiday.
Pretty good to have a chill-out session with your pals there.


DUSK Restaurant & Bar

More information can be found at the website here:

  • Faber Peak Singapore, Level 2
  • 109 Mount Faber Road, Singapore 099203

    Make your reservation and enjoy a superb dinner with a scenery today!


    Saturday, February 24, 2018

    Feet Haven Serangoon Gardens

    Visited this Feet Haven @ Serangoon Gardens for body massage recently!
    Here are the pricing of the various massage services they provide.
    Have a Shiok Feet . Shiok Body . Shiok Combi!
    Showing you how it is like over at the Serangoon Gardens branch.
    They have another branch at Katong.. pretty near I12 Katong Mall there.
    Dim lighting there provides a relaxing atmosphere when you're there.
    Foot massage area.
    Shoulder and Neck massage area.

    A room for body massage for individuals.
    There's also a room for couple body massage.
    The body massage experience was great! The masseur managed to loosen my back muscles which are pretty tense due to my regular gym workouts. Feel free to head down to experience it!
    They have 2 outlets.
    Feet Haven Serangoon Gardens
    4A Maju Ave S556682
    Tel: +65 62882314 or +65 96566947
    Feet Haven East Coast (Katong Branch)
    #01-01, 136 East Coast Road S428821 
    Tel: +65 6344 7311 or +65 96566947
    Feel free to use my Promo Code to enjoy a 10% Discount for All Services!
    Promo code: ShaunFH10
    Instagram: @FeetHaven